About Us

Starting as a shared idea between two college boys from different islands, Leihekili serves as a voice for us to tell the moʻolelo (stories) we attain through our education and experiences as Hawaiians. In our experience, moʻolelo are typically shared through ʻoli (chants) and hula (dances.) While we share a great appreciation for these beautiful vessels of telling our indigenous stories, Leihekili focuses on telling those ancient moʻolelo, and modern ones, through a more contemporary means. As a Hawaiʻi owned business, based in Lāʻie, we try to work as locally as possible. That means we make it a priority to print locally, and to explore collaborations with other local artists.  We are committed to offering only the most premium apparel and accessories for kānaka and malihini alike. We like to think of each story we tell as a shell, and through Leihekili we hope to tell these stories in order string together a beautiful lei to adorn all of you.